How it All Started

“Life is all about balance.  A calm, focused mind, a strong, healthy body and an invigorated spirit. Balance is one of the most nurturing and rewarding gifts we can give ourselves.”  

After years as a touring musician, I was under constant pressure to create new material and maintain optimal health.  Having to sustain a grueling schedule of traveling all day and performing every night certainly took it’stoll on my wellbeing.  I was always trying out the newest fad diet and my weight fluctuated constantly as a result.  I heavily relied on sugary energy drinks and copious amounts of coffee to get through the long drives and pep me up before the shows.  These artificial stimulants kept me buzzed to the point that I would be lucky to have more than 3 hours of sleep every night.  

I was mentally and physically exhausted. I could barely function let alone create which led me to having writer’s block.  It was a vicious cycle of the coffee buzz and crash, never having a good night’s sleep and being stressed to the max and angry at myself for not being able to come up with new song ideas.

Tired and frustrated, I began heavily researching holistic health and wellness.  During this process, I discovered a two miracle herbs that completely changed my life. So much so that I felt compelled to share them you. That is how the whole concept of Holistic Hustler was born.  Now I am proud to say that I maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  I am now calmly energized, constantly creating and sleep well. I have also tapped into an endless source of ideas though my ability to explore an enriched and vivid dream state.

Holistic Hustler is designed with my sincerest intention to ensure a constant flow of ideas and authentic wonderful creations from the soul. I can only hope that these gifts from the earth can positively impact your life as much as mine.”

Laura is currently developing mind and body workout and nutrition programs for as well Holistic Hustler as studying sound healing and vibrational frequencies and their effect on human consciousness.