About The Tea

Fitness For The Mind

Where as typical detox cleanses rely on temporarily ‘detoxing’ the body, the Ascend Activation Teas ensures the necessary steps & rituals are taken to maintain a lifestyle consistent with balance and wellness.
Ascend Activation holistic super teas are designed to restore your sleep cycle and circadian rhythms, evolve your consciousness and raise your vibration. Using the finest all-natural, organic herbal ingredients our products supplement meditation practices, encourage spiritual exploration, expanded consciousness, mindful alertness and physical wellbeing with the intention to ultimately accessing your higher self and inspire growth within others with balance & wellness.

 Bringing Back The Balance

More than 1 in 4 Americans currently rely on artificial stimulants such as coffee make it through the day, as well as pharmaceutical supplements, including sleeping pills, to induce sleep at night. These stimulants amplify the intensity of energy peaks & troughs and misalign your circadian rhythms. This results in decreased levels of REM sleep and consequently nil dreaming.
The Ascend Activation Set gives particular consideration to the ‘Awaken’ and ‘Dream’ periods of the day. By balancing the sleep cycle and restoring circadian rhythms, the Ascend Activation increases cognitive function, fosters creativity, reduces stress, and amplifies dream intensity.
The holistic super teas provide the perfect substitute for coffee and other sugar based, preservative loaded, drinks. The Awaken tea boasts the same caffeine as coffee, has prolonged energy effect, without the depressant and dehydration characteristics. While the Dreams tea uses natural remedies to induce sleep and significantly amplifies dreaming, with particular focus on lucid dreaming.