About Us

About Us

Holistic Hustler is a California based conscious lifestyle brand for an awakened generation.  

We specialize in products and accessories that promote an enriched, enlightened and energetic lifestyle.

Our holistic super teas and conscious ritual products are designed to restore your circadian rhythms, evolve your consciousness and raise your vibration. Using the finest all-natural, organic herbal ingredients our products supplement meditation practices and encourage spiritual exploration. By bringing about a state of mindful alertness and physical wellbeing, we aim to put you on the path of accessing your higher self and ultimately to inspire spiritual growth within others.

 Bringing Back The Balance

By incorporating the best of Eastern and Western techniques, ancient and modern, our products and rituals incorporate a holistic approach to wellness for an energized and enlightened lifestyle.
More than 1 in 4 Americans currently rely on artificial stimulants such as coffee and energy drinks to make it through the day and then pharmaceutical sleeping pills at night. These stimulants amplify the intensity of energy peaks & troughs which create an energy imbalance and disrupt circadian rhythms. This results in decreased levels of REM sleep and consequently no nightly dream state.  This causes your body to miss out on an imperative physiological process of stress release.
The Ascend Cleanse model gives particular consideration to the ‘Awaken’ and ‘Dream’ periods of the day. When your circadian rhythms are recalibrated, the Ascend Cleanse increases cognitive function, fosters creativity, reduces stress, and amplifies dream intensity.

Products And Rituals




How to use the products

Start the day with gratitude, purpose & intention, and watch it ripple outward to positively affect your day.

Our Ascend Cleanse products and rituals ensure stable energy release from wakening.

Enjoy the benefits of improved cognitive function & focus, memory and an infinite ability to source creative ideas throughout the day. 

Ascend Cleanse “Awaken” is a high quality organic super leaf that provides focused energy, mental clarity, and alertness.  With twice as many antioxidants as green tea and as much caffeine as coffee, this alkaline forming tea will give you the perfect energizing kickstart to the day. The tea is balanced with L-Theanine to counteract the crash effect of coffee.

The Awaken candle is infused with specific scents to enhance the meditation process. It serves as a point of focus for meditation exercises.

Dreaming acts as a detox for the mind.  

When we enter the dream state, our brain releases a special cleansing agent called cerebral spinal fluid which discards toxins that have accumulated in the brain since your last sleep cycle.

Artificial light inhibits the brain's natural production of Melatonin (the sleep chemical)

Ascend Cleanse “Dreams” is an organic herbal super tea blend that promotes a clear and vivid dream state which will ultimately lead to lucid dreams. Consume 30 minutes prior to sleep and enter a dream state that you've never experienced before.

Light a nightly candle and avoid artificial light 30 minutes prior to sleep to achieve a deeper REM and lucid dream state.

Prepare to ascend into deep REM sleep and lucid dreaming with an evening sooth in our Dreams bath salt.

Rituals and programs to connect and progress to the highest possible levels of consciousness and creativity.

Once stress has been removed, enter a new health cycle on the path to achieving lifestyle consistent with balance and wellness.

Remove electromagnetic frequencies, harmful toxins and other preservatives from your daily life to achieve a higher level of conscious being.

 "The Ascendant"  blocks the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies from devices such as phones, laptops, and TVs, as well as rejuvenate, heal and recharge your body's auric energy field.

Take our Tea Tumbler for your Awaken Tea on the go or for an afternoon pick me up

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