The Fast and The Furious

The Fast and The Furious
Being the half Italian gal that I am, I live to eat and wanted to become one of those people that eats to live.  I have always admired those who are able to take a bite of their dish, wait a few minutes and then take another, having their food boxed up to go and not having the waiter remark on how quickly the food was consumed and that no bite was left on the plate to reference basic etiquette.  
Having a plant-based and primarily Alkaline diet, I have set up some food barriers that keep me in check. However, that’s not to say that I don’t fall madly and obsessively in love with certain health food combinations and consume them until I can never look at them again.  I had to set guidelines as I would far prefer to eat mountains of healthy food rather than limit my portions on others.
After discovering the Japanese supermarket in West LA, I began enjoying copious amounts of Adzuki Bean desserts, Rice Mochi and slipped into the 7th circle of unhealthy eating habit hell. I then decided to take back control of my life and do a 5 day fast.  If an HFAA (Health Food Addicts Anonymous) clinic were to exist, at this point I would have voluntarily and quite happily checked myself in.

My Fasting Goals
  • To detox from sugar
  • To pump up my gut flora with probiotics and enzymes
  • To break unhealthy food habits


My Fast Food

Medicinal Foods 'Living Greens' 
This Living Greens powder is power-packed with nutrients to fuel the body throughout the fast with 4 kinds of grass and 10 vegetables which are all fermented.  Herbs, probiotics, and enzymes are the perfect deeply nourishing combination to eliminate any unhealthy food habits.  Added bonus - it tastes great!

Ascend Cleanse 'Dreams' Lucid Dreaming Tea  
As this fast ties into the full moon, I wanted to increase the intensity of my dream state and clarity of my dreams with Ascend Cleanse Lucid Dreaming Tea.  With fasting, dreams can become more vivid and even prophetic.  I wanted to tap into all of these benefits by drinking the tea and making sure I was having a quality sleep cycle. 

How to do a successful fast
Whether it's a morning, 1 day, 3 days or 5 days, here are some tips on how to prepare yourself mentally for a successful fast. 

Getting enough quality rejuvenating sleep every night is a key factor in having a successful fast.  On nights where I didn't get enough sleep, I was feeling depleted and could not stop thinking about food. I was quite literally 'hangry'.
Set goals for why you are fasting and constantly remind yourself of them
Whenever the urge to have a snack would arise, I would check to see whether or not I was actually hungry and most commonly the answer was 'no'.  When you start to feel fed up (no pun intended) with not eating, remind yourself that you are only fasting temporarily and that it won’t last forever.

When you have a severe craving, enjoy your allowed fasting beverage!
One of the most common mistakes people make on a fast is to have a hunger pang, fall down the rabbit hole of thinking that they are starving and need food. They then break the fast and are disappointed that they didn't reach their goal.  All of this can be avoided by just enjoying your designated beverage when a hunger pang arises rather than depriving yourself.

Tracking your thought processes
Use this period as a tool to monitor your thought processes and track how often your brain is triggered to want unnecessary food.  Not giving into these desires is a great way to retrain your food habits for when you're off the fast.

Keep a Journal
Write down how you are feeling each day, how you slept, whether or not you had vivid dreams, your meditation quality, and foods that your body craves.  I was being told to eat more fermented foods when the fast was over.

Benefits of Fasting
  • It can regenerate immune cells
  • It eliminates unhealthy food habits and dependencies before starting a healthy diet
  • Deeper meditations
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Reduces cholesterol levels and high blood pressure 

Advantages of fasting that I experienced: 
  • My subtle energy senses were heightened
  • Improved mental clarity
  • More vivid dreams - 3/5 were lucid
  • Weight loss
  • Clearer skin and brighter eyes

Hooray! I managed to achieve what I set out to by doing the 5 day fast.  I was no longer constantly craving food and was feeling energized.  Weight loss was not my goal but I did lose 4 kg (8.8lbs).  My meditations, mental clarity, sleep and dream quality drastically improved with the fast. 3 nights out of the 5 nights that I was fasting, my dreams were lucid.

*Fasting is not for everybody. These are comments from my own personal experiences.  Consult your healthcare professional or physician to see if fasting is right for you.